About Us

The original ASSET computer system for Wholesale and Retail distributors was first launched in early 1994 following 2 years of development. Since that time a great deal of further enhancements have been included and over 100 trade companies have changed their computer system to ASSET, impressed with its ease of use and extensive functionality.

Most systems are either good at the front end but weak in the accounting areas, or are strong in the accounts function but weak at the front end. WINASSET has it all – the perfect interface between front end and accounting functions, with seamless interface between both.

Recognising the requirement for Windows technology, in 1998 we started development of a new Asset system with even more functionality and using all the advantages of a Windows environment. The new WinAsset system, written using SQL and Delphi, resides on an Oracle database giving us the flexibility and reliability for which Oracle is known.

In 2012 we are releasing WinAsset 2.0 which uses the Microsoft SQL database. Among the benefits are  better integration with Office products such as Microsoft Excel